Bonjour! Bienvenue dans mon monde érotique!
My name is Krissi M.|♤ blogger/author; that goes by the moniker Bloody I.V. 😉 ♧| and I can honestly say I’m bloody insatiable in every possible way you can think of.
I’d love to thank my team; D. Leomar James (Editor), Angel Lee (My friend that loves reading everything I write) and Sasheka N. for all their love, support and helpful criticism.


“Even masochists need lovers.”
“…The boys, and the girls, and the FREAKS in the middle…”
Taken from a kinkier perspective; an erotic thirst that seems unquenchable to the point of sheer insanity. – Lacing yourself with lust and raucous camaraderie.
-Krissi Mullings 《Bloody I.V.》

The Team

Krissi Mullings《Blogger/author/creator/administrator》
D. Leomar. James 《Editor》
Angel C. Lee 《My number 1 fan》


Hello Loves,

I have come to a decision to have a male muse from now.

His name is Brock O’hurn and every now and then I will be published, I think fanfic based on him.


Bloody I.V.



Author’s Note


¡Hola! Me llamo well you’ve all been told that in the About page.

I don’t think I’ve properly introduced myself and the purpose of my blog.

Well let me start by saying I’ve recently introduced an author’s note page to keep everyone posted and not to give up on me. I’ve just been handed a lot of obstacles these past two years since publishing my blog and it’s been hectic.

Anyways, I’ve always been memorized by the world of erotica and the supernatural and I just decided to fuse the two loves of mine because I think they go hand in hand quite well. One simply compliments the other in a way that I find irresistibly intriguing. 🙂

Sometimes I will write one without the other. I just love the two genres of literature and my mind can get quite carried away when it comes to thinking outside the box. Most times would be rereading what I wrote and I’d be like “I wrote that?” All wide-eyed and blushing.

In the end, I never thought I would be doing this (blogging/writing) as a passion or a way to excuse myself from the flaws of reality and I’m deliriously enjoying this extended hobby of mine. Don’t be fooled I take quite seriously. I love what I do and I won’t stop now.

I’ll see you guys on my posts and social media with your comments and messages.

*mwah* Adieu!

Hi everyone! This won’t be your regular author’s note, it’s just going to be about what’s happening with the posts or delayed posts…
Log: September 22. 2016.

What’s up? Sorry for no posts lately. It’s because I started university and I am working at the same time. I’m not used to this I need sleep! Can’t skip it. Anyway this time around has been hectic so don’t worry I owe you a lot of posts. 😉

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