Secret on My Tongue

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Dear Brock,

Mr. O’hurn if you’d like *I should tell you know that sounds like I should be whipped right after.*

You don’t know me right now, but when you do you may have to put me in a cage, because at any chance I can get I WILL rape you and your perfectly sculpted body. I am most definitely attracted to you and my mouth waters at the sight of you, especially when you are sans shirts. Please do not cover up on my perverted behalf you may disappoint others.

But if I could get that chance I would rip that shirt off. Enjoying the contact in the process and in turn I’ll probably soak my panties. I can only imagine the firmness of your skin as my hand glides over it.

Your long, soft, golden brown strands of hair that float out of my hand as it touch.

The contours of your abdominal muscles as they flex deliciously under the pressure of my hand. I could describe you forever and that sexy stubble (more than a stubble of course).

*I think I’ve soaked my panties just talking about it.*

Anyways, the real purpose of this letter is to inform you of another perverted situation at hand.

My mind just can’t seem to grasp the fact that may you shouldn’t be wearing pants or shorts that look as if they want to expose your manhood. If that’s your aim great! But I doubt that’s a part of your personality, because to me you genuinely appear to be a sweetheart and a humble gentleman, even on screen and I get the humour. I could be wrong but that’s what I have observed.

Anyways, back to your manhood bulging in my face.

Sometimes my mouth gets the better of me, especially when I know a person, but sometimes it gets away and right now it is getting away.

I am really trying to figure out if your manhood is really that large or if it’s simply an illusion.

Confirmation would be nice but I doubt again that I would get it since we are not familiar with each other in any way.

Still I’m highly curious! It’s tempting! Very tempting and you’re tempting me. I don’t like being tempted. It’s quite irritating and we don’t even know each other on any level. Even though if I did know you personally and you do in fact carry such a large manhood and you try to use it on me (lol!) I’d run for the hills! Mi nah play nuh hero! (Translation: I’m not playing any hero. As in I’d run for the hills before taking such a big cock *pardon my crass language* but the chase would turn me on. Jeez! Shutting up). You would have to corner me like a wild animal. I do get wild sometimes *fun facts*.

In concluded, I hope you get my drift. If you didn’t let me spell it out one more time. *concise version* *clears throat*.

Some of your online pictures display you having an enlarged penis, which frightens me and heats my perverted skin up all at the same damn time. I am a Christian you see, not a conventional one, but I believe in Christ. *straying from the point here* —

Your penis is a distraction and I am here left to wonder if it is that large or if it is an illusion.

Please put me out of my …whatever this is. Perversion? Perverted misery? I assume.


Bloody I.V.

(Kristen Madden)


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