A ‘Novel’ Moment

Hello everyone! Short note. I have decided to write and publish my first novel. Here’s an excerpt from Chapter one. Enjoy!


“He had me by the hair, body taut in his other arm.

I was so wet and even though the desk grazed my lower back. He looked me dead in the eyes and spun me without a word. The only language recognizable between us was our bodies.

He bent me over the desk almost aggressively, but that peaked my libido even more. I could feel him massaging his hard length on the apex of my ass.

I sighed sweetly and loudly…

Then his hardened length lowered to my moist entrance and sank oh so deliciously inside me. Every inch slowly pushing me over the edge little by little, before he started a steady pace. My toes began to curl and I gripped the edges of the desk for dear life as I exhaled a tormented and ragged breath.

A loud moan escaped me and then as if a spell was broken, I toppled off him and was thrown over the side of his desk. I fell with loud thud!”

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