Truth About (my) Sex (life)

Thursday, February 09, 2017 2:46 PM

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I wonder if you know the aim of sex.

It’s not just for sinful pleasure or to prove some egotistical point guys.

Or to use for some monetary advantage girls –

It is to procreate.

God just simply added a bit of pleasure to the mix so that the

Nine stressful, painful, happy or miserable months and how much add years the result of said procreation decides to stay under their parents roof —

Does not seem so bad or start off as painfully as the end result.

Did you miss me?

I surely missed you.

Anyways, I don’t have any examples only my own experiences to share so that my points may come across clearly.

For me, my sexual experiences can be described as a moment of ‘feel goodness’ – the end.

No orgasms, or climax or screaming someone’s name in blissful pleasure, whilst my vaginal muscles clench around some guy’s appendage.

Just moans and screams.

With that and a great deal of brooding and intense discussions over the years, I have realized:

  1. I need to experience a clitoral orgasm.
  2. I need an emotional connection with someone to be that stimulated by the person I am copulating with.

These revelations could be the result of my cynicism towards the topic at hand and a lack thereof releases…

I need to build an emotional connection with someone, but over the years all I’ve built are emotional barriers.

The hunt has always been the better part of the courting period for me than the kill.

The kill has always, always lacked a growth.

And then there is the horrible truth that I have been mistakenly trying to begin relationships with the wrong persons, who have only poisoned my mind against the opposite sex, but not the hope that they are all not the same.

They have only planted a seed of bitterness that praying and therapy can only resolve. I shouldn’t even forget the depression that I am suffering from but hiding so well from the world.

(The depression was caused by childhood distresses and incorrect guys I have paired myself with over the years. – We simply do not blend.)

A way in which I realized that I am emotionally stimulated is that I obtain my kicks from romance novels.

Reaching the peaks of pleasure by written words. Admiring the make-shift characters’ personalities and the pros and cons of their relationships.

This also has shown me that I am lacking emotional support in previous relationships, causing my wicked witch of the west behaviour after a while.

Additionally, my indecisiveness can be a negative factor towards my relationships. In which, it is an inner ordeal, that is my sub conscious mind fighting with my spiritual and logical side of having practical sex (not with any and everybody but) with a person and the fight to just be in a relationships where feelings have formed.

But the reality is that the relationships over the years were a waste and nothing more than the practical sexual encounters that I was running from that I should have basically had instead of the relationship that was meant to be kept with someone forthcoming.

At the end of all those horrid relationships I feel like the guy that just wanted the girl for sex and nothing else.

This being said would mean that I am a very sexual being in hiding… ha-ha!

I’m forever here to entertain you lot…


Blood I.V.


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